Pleasureseekers Ltd, T/A All About Flights is an innovative company deriving from a consolidation background now solely operating in the very niche field of group air travel. We would like to consider ourselves as an operational arm of the partners we work with, strengthening their ability to offer a full service to their clients. Our continuing commitment to delivering the highest levels of efficiency, whilst maintaining a very personal touch is the secret to our success.

From the very beginning we have measured our success based on our client retention which is today, still at the very core of our business ethos and this in turn enables us to retain relationships even when our partners move on in their careers.

We understand the complexities of group travel arrangements, yet our booking procedures are straight forward, as well as being tailored to the individual client needs. A phone call to chat through a specific brief will always ensure we respond with the best solution and destination choices to meet your client’s expectations enabling you to focus on the remainder of your brief knowing the air logistics are viable.

Our desire to assist begins with trying to work in a flexible manner to suit our partners individual administrative needs and we are always willing to work in any way to best suit your client requirements.

Your event is our event and we realise the importance of getting air travel right - we strive to ensure all guests arrive enthused about their travel experience.

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